I like drawing cute/badass babes and weird creatures


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Bluewiff's News

Posted by Bluewiff - 3 weeks ago

Posted by Bluewiff - 1 month ago

I post weekly paintings every week on Patreon come check it out https://www.patreon.com/posts/81929908?utm_campaign=postshare_creator


Posted by Bluewiff - April 18th, 2023


if you use twitter and you follow me there you might have notice that my old account have not been that much active. And that’s because i use a new account now.@ bwwart i started a new journey to do a new fresh start.

Posted by Bluewiff - March 21st, 2023

iu_927679_10136650.pngThis account is not yet put in my link tree so I am going to just post the account right here

Posted by Bluewiff - March 13th, 2023

I build a discord server for those who want to join as artist mostly if you draw or do any kind of art this will definitely be something for you https://discord.gg/VuQxntjy

Posted by Bluewiff - March 12th, 2023

Discord server is now here https://discord.gg/VuQxntjy share your art. With me and Fanart and

Posted by Bluewiff - February 25th, 2023

no news today


Posted by Bluewiff - February 23rd, 2023

Lately I have been very much using twitter and Patreon to keep myself active and organized Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/user?u=80140094 i use to organize all my paintings so I don’t have to find them later on while Twitter https://twitter.com/spicymellons I just update all, and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJn5RvlmuBpLM4O3m2hTFEwhave been very much not so active sometimes active sometimes not,

So I.have been not paying so much attention to NEWGROUNDs

Posted by Bluewiff - February 23rd, 2023

iu_904793_10136650.pngI don’t know if you have notice lately I have been drawing a this same character very much that girl with purple hair. Well let me tell you she’s a Oc i created out of actually nothing I just drew a character one day because I needed a new character in Faye’s life so I sat there and just thought 💭, what should I draw how should my character look, what should she look like, so I drew a face the face looked good I love when girls hair are up so I drew the hair as my mind was telling too and then bammm we have a OC


Posted by Bluewiff - February 2nd, 2023

iu_885930_10136650.png Don’t know when it’s gonna happen but I think sooner or later my original account will be suspended so to some twitter rules I don’t even know about, Twitter it’s getting more restricted with there rules, this is a backup if anyone just wondered gonna post my things here from now on and here on NEWGROUNDs